Viewing secure website content

Expression Studio 4.0

Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview allows you to preview web content that requires user authentication. For example, if you want to preview an administration page for a blog site, you typically have to log on with administrative credentials.

Viewing secure website content

To provide user authentication credentials for a page

  1. Enter the address of the site in the Location field and click the w4_sp_go (Submit) icon.

  2. Click the w4_sp_interactive (Interactive mode) icon top open the Page interaction mode screen.

    You can use hyperlink in the page to navigate to a logon screen and use the w4_sp_bak and w4_sp_fwd buttons to navigate backward and forward as you would in a web browser.

  3. Log on to the site as you normally would.

  4. In Page interaction mode, navigate to the page you want to preview, and then press the Preview button.


    If a secure page does not display correctly after you press Preview, check the Use alternate authentication checkbox in the Page interaction mode screen and log on again.

Your logon credentials will persist for the duration of you SuperPeview session.

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