Expression Studio 4.0

Sets a value that specifies object or group opacity in CSS or SVG.


{ opacity: fOpacity }

Possible values


Floating-point that specifies one of the following values:


The uniform opacity setting to be applied to the object, as a number. This value is a floating-point number between 0 and 1. Any value outside the range 0.0 (fully transparent) to 1.0 (fully opaque) is restricted to this range.


Indicates that the property takes the same computed value as the property for the element's parent.


Object or group opacity can be thought of conceptually as a postprocessing operation. Conceptually, after the object or group is rendered into an RGBA offscreen image, the object or group opacity setting specifies how to blend the offscreen image into the current background.

Standards information

Applies to

a, address, b, big, blockquote, body, button, caption, center, cite, code, col, colgroup, custom, dd, defaults, dfn, div, dl, dt, em, fieldset, form, hn, html, i, img, input type=button, input type=checkbox, input type=file, input type=image, input type=password, input type=radio, input type=reset, input type=submit, input type=text, li, ol, p, s, span, sub, table, tbody, td, tfoot, th, thead, tr, tt, u, ul, var, xmp

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