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This section lists the methods supported by the TEXTAREA element.

accDoDefaultAction Returns E_NOTIMPL.
accHitTest See Hit Testing.
accLocation Specifies the location in screen coordinates.
accNavigate See About General Navigation.
accSelect Sets the focus on itself. The method supports only SELFLAG_TAKEFOCUS.
get_accChild Returns the requested child object or its ID. If you set the child ID to CHILDID_SELF, the method returns E_INVALIDARG.
get_accChildCount Returns the number of children.
get_accDefaultAction Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accDescription Returns the title if there is a label. Otherwise, the method returns a NULL pointer and S_OK.
get_accFocus Returns CHILDID_SELF if this element has the focus. If a child of this element has the focus, the method returns information about that child. Otherwise, it returns VT_EMPTY.
get_accHelp Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accHelpTopic Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accKeyboardShortcut Returns the accessKey.
get_accName Returns the label. If there is no label, the method returns the title. If there is neither title nor label, the method returns a NULL pointer and S_OK.
get_accParent Returns the closest accessible element in the parent chain.
get_accRole Returns ROLE_SYSTEM_TEXT. The text in the text area can be edited.
get_accSelection See About Selection.
get_accState Returns one or more of STATE_SYSTEM_UNAVAILABLE, STATE_SYSTEM_INVISIBLE, STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSABLE, and STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED. As of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, also returns STATE_SYSTEM_OFFSCREEN. For more information, see About Invisible Objects.
get_accValue Returns the value of the edit field.
put_accName Returns E_NOTIMPL.
put_accValue Performs a ScrollIntoView and Focus action, and sets the value to the parameter passed.




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