Developing Accessible Web Applications

Developing Accessible Web Applications is a set of articles and samples meant to provide web developers, as well as others in the application development process, with the information needed to develop web applications that are accessible to all users. 

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Introduction to Web Accessibility

This article introduces the Developing Accessible Web Applications series, and provides an overview of web accessibility. 

Semantic HTML

This topic explains how to use HTML that is semantically correct to develop accessible web applications.

Accessibility and Older Browsers

This topic shows how to take advantage of newer features for your users who need them, and have technology that can take advantage of them, while still providing as accessible an experience as possible to your users with older technology.

Creating Accessible Web Pages With HTML

This article explains how to create accessible webpages using HTML with Windows Internet Explorer. Accessible webpages offer alternative methods for viewing and providing input to a webpage. Traditional HTML represents content as a hierarchy, making it easy to develop tools that make webpages accessible to users who have special needs. HTML offers additional capabilities, including enhanced support for accessibility.