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SavePersonInfoToCookie Method (PersonInfo, HttpCookie)

Stores the specified person's information in the cookie.

Namespace: Microsoft.Health.Web
Assembly: Microsoft.Health.Web (in Microsoft.Health.Web.dll) Version: (1.15.1003.9505)

public static HttpCookie SavePersonInfoToCookie(
	PersonInfo personInfo,
	HttpCookie existingCookie


Type: Microsoft.Health..::..PersonInfo
The authenticated person's information.
Type: System.Web..::..HttpCookie
The existing cooke containing the person's information. The expiration date of this cookie will be used as the expiration date of the returned cookie.

Return Value

A cookie containing the person's information.

If personInfo is null, the returned cookie will have an expiration date in the past, and adding it to a response would result in the cookie being cleared.
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