This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BitArray.ICollection.CopyTo Method

Copies the elements of the BitArray to an Array, starting at the specified Array index.

Namespace:  System.Collections
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

void ICollection.CopyTo(
	Array array,
	int index


Type: System.Array
The one-dimensional Array that is the destination of the elements copied from BitArray. The Array must have zero-based indexing.
Type: System.Int32
The zero-based index in array at which copying begins.


ICollection.CopyTo(Array, Int32)


array is null.


index is less than zero.


array is multidimensional.


The number of elements in the source BitArray is greater than the available space from index to the end of the destination array.


The type of the source BitArray cannot be cast automatically to the type of the destination array.

Caution noteCaution

This member is not present in the Portable Class Library. If you are developing applications that target the Portable Class Library, use the CopyTo method instead.

This member is an explicit interface member implementation. It can be used only when the BitArray instance is cast to an ICollection interface.

Portable Class Library

Supported in: Portable Class Library