2.4 Assumptions and Preconditions

The assumptions and preconditions that are described in this section apply to the Microsoft Exchange Server system overall. For information about assumptions and preconditions that apply to a specific protocol in this system, see the specification for that protocol.

  • A domain controller is required to service the server domain and authentication requests and to handle management tasks.

  • The Exchange servers are members of the domain.

  • The Exchange server is reachable by external clients via an established IP address (or IP addresses).

  • The appropriate MX DNS records are configured to map the mail domain to the public IP address(es) corresponding to the externally available Exchange server. The MX records are propagated to the extended private or public network(s) so that all intended clients can resolve the domain name.

  • The Exchange server functional elements are started collectively, and the Exchange server accepts client requests.

  • The directory service (DS) is accessible to the Exchange server. Any intermediate firewalls, routers, or connection points between elements of the system have all required ports and gateways open for communication between them.