This section specifies MIME analysis for MIME parts with a Content-Type header value of "application/mac-binhex40", as specified in [RFC1741].

The procedure of MIME header analysis for "application/mac-binhex40" attachments is the same as for the procedure for ordinary file attachments that is specified in section, with the following exceptions:

  1. MIME readers set the value of the PidTagAttachMimeTag property ([MS-OXCMSG] section to "application/mac-binhex40".

  2. The value of the Content-Transfer-Encoding header SHOULD<180> be ignored. MIME readers use BinHex decoding, as specified in [RFC1741], instead.

Processing of the MIME body SHOULD include parsing a binary structure of the decoded content, as specified in [RFC1741]. MIME readers SHOULD<181> use the header and resource fork data from this structure to fill the PidNameAttachmentMacInfo property ([MS-OXCMSG] section with appropriate data, as specified in section MIME readers SHOULD also use this data to fill the MacBinary structure, which SHOULD<182> be written to the value of the PidTagAttachDataBinary property ([MS-OXCMSG] section

MIME readers SHOULD<183> copy the attachment file name that is extracted from the BinHex structure to the value of the PidTagAttachFilename property ([MS-OXCMSG] section, but only if no file name was found during analysis of the MIME headers.<184>