Navigation pane

The Navigation pane provides the following text and voice guidance to help you follow your route:

  • Text turn by turn instructions that appear in large print below the map

  • Driving time updates that display the days, hours, and minutes left in your planned trip (not including unplanned detours)

  • Next stop indicates the distance to the next stop on your route

  • Distance to end indicates the distance to the final stop on your route

  • Voice instructions that announce upcoming turns

  • Arrow symbols that indicate the direction of the next turn

  • A progress indicator that shows approximately how much of the current instruction you have completed

  • Color changes that match the route segment you're currently driving

Note   These features are available in both regular and full screen navigation map views.

When you start navigation for a route that you create, MapPoint closes the Directions pane to expand the map for easy viewing. You can open the Directions or other available panes without interrupting navigation.

With simple keyboard shortcuts, you can:

  • Start or stop navigation by pressing CTRL+Q.

  • Turn voice instructions on or off by pressing F7.

  • Repeat voice instructions by pressing SPACEBAR.

  • Get the next voice instructions by pressing SPACEBAR twice.

  • Recalculate a route from your current location by pressing F3.

You can open or close the Navigation pane by pressing CTRL+B or by clicking the Navigation pane icon Gg650243.DrivingGuidance(en-us,MSDN.10).jpg on the Standard toolbar.

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