Get navigation for a route

The Provide navigation feature, found in the GPS task pane, provides turn-by-turn information to help you reach your destination.

Prepare to use the Provide navigation feature

Before you can start using the Provide navigation feature, you must:

  • Install and turn on a compatible GPS receiver.

  • Create a route to follow.

  • Be located at the start of a route or somewhere along the route.

  • In the GPS task pane, select Start/stop GPS tracking, and then select the Provide navigation check box.

Follow navigation

While the Provide navigation feature is running:

  • The map highlights your route and current position.

  • The Provide navigation feature provides text and voice guidance to help you follow your route. The feature also displays the driving time remaining on your trip (not including unplanned detours), which is updated as you proceed toward your destination.

  • The progress indicator at the bottom of the Navigation pane indicates how close you are to the turn, if an instruction includes a distance. The color of the progress indicator matches the color of the route segment.

  • You can repeat a spoken instruction. To repeat an instruction, on the Tools menu, click Full screen navigation view, and then click the Repeat button Gg650239.Repeat(en-us,MSDN.10).gif, or press SPACEBAR. To hear the next instruction after the current one, press the SPACEBAR twice.

  • If you go off your planned route, you can recalculate it. To recalculate a route during your trip, on the Tools menu, click Full screen navigation view, and then click the Reroute button Gg650239.Reroute(en-us,MSDN.10).gif, or press F3.

  • Instructions that a route provides for informational purposes are not spoken or displayed. This type of instruction includes scheduled rest stops, start and endpoints for trips longer than one day, and notices that indicate when you are entering or leaving a particular region.

Finish Provide navigation

The Provide navigation feature provides driving instructions until you:

  • Reach your destination.

  • Clear the Provide navigation check box in the GPS task pane, or click Start/stop GPS tracking to turn it off.

  • Change from the route you created.

  • Lose your GPS receiver signal.

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