About navigation

About navigation

The navigation feature of MapPoint works with the Route planner and Global Positioning System (GPS) features to provide:

  • Voice and text instructions

  • Visual turn indicators

  • Distance to the next turn as you travel along a route

  • Driving time remaining on your trip (not including unplanned detours)

  • Distance to the end point as you travel along the route

Full-screen navigation makes getting to your destination even more convenient. An auto-hiding toolbar has easy-to-see buttons that:

  • Turn voice instructions off or on

  • Repeat voice instructions

  • Recalculate a route from your current location

  • Switch to night mode for easier viewing in the dark

  • Close full-screen navigation and return to standard view

Caution   Using MapPoint while driving can be distracting, dangerous, or prohibited (depending on location or manner of use). The driver remains responsible for traveling safely, for obeying all traffic laws, and for exercising good judgment at all times.

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