About territories

A territory is a user-defined group of geographic units that can be used to represent any type of information. You can use MapPoint to map territories that are used in your business. Common uses of territories are sales areas, delivery zones, marketing regions, and service coverage areas.


How was this made?

With MapPoint, you can create territories manually on the map or by importing or linking to your own data. A territory set is a group of territories, each based on a single geographic unit, such as ZIP Code, 3-digit ZIP Code, or State. Territories can be within a single country or can cross country boundaries as long as the geographic unit applies to each country.

After you create a territory set, you can map data to the individual territories of the set. This can help you visualize your data in relationship to the custom geographic areas that are defined by your territory set.

For example, if you manage a sales team that is assigned to various areas of the southwestern United States, you can create the area that each person is responsible for as a territory and then map sales data by territory.

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