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Monitoring Disk Space Usage

As part of the monitoring process for operational readiness of BizTalk Server, monitor the disk space usage as follows:

  • Determine the disk space required.

    When using File or MSMQ send / receive locations, ensure that there is ample disk space available to accommodate outages of BizTalk Server or of the receiving systems. For example, if BizTalk Server is writing files to a share on a SAN and the receiving system is down for two days, determine whether there is enough disk space to allow the files to queue up.

  • Clean up the BizTalk Server backup files directory periodically.

    You can perform this cleanup using a script called from a SQL Server Agent job.

  • Clean up the BizTalk Tracking database archive files directory periodically.

  • Ensure that there is sufficient disk space available to accommodate larger BizTalk Server database (.mdf) and transaction log (.ldf) files during times of peak data flow.

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