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Last modified: November 08, 2011

Applies to: Outlook

Registers Personal Folders (.pst) files for automatic unlocking, avoiding further calls to the HrTrustedPSTOverrideHandlerCallback.

HRESULT SetPersistedRegistrations(
  SPropValue *pmval


[in] An SPropValue structure that contains a pointer to the path of the dynamic-link library (DLL) to register. The structure has the following characteristics:


  • An MVszW value property that is set to an array of null-terminated Unicode character strings. For more information see the SWStringArray topic.

Note Note

The SPropValue is stored in a MAPI property in the PST’s internal range. This property is inaccessible to ordinary MAPI applications.


The function call was successful.

Persisted registrations may adversely affect the performance of applications, such as Outlook and Windows Desktop Search, that open PSTs. Consider the performance effect when using or expanding the usage of persisted registrations.

Important note Important

This method is implemented for Unicode only. Further, it will preemptively fail if any of the paths in the array do not have a file name extension of .dll.

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