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Visual Studio 2010

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Dotfuscator Software Services Community Edition by PreEmptive


Your copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 includes a free license for PreEmptive Solutions’ Dotfuscator Software Services Community Edition 5 (Dotfuscator CE 5). Like earlier versions of Dotfuscator CE included in Visual Studio 2008, 2005 and 2003, it provides you with tools to protect and harden your .NET applications. Dotfuscator CE 5 works on compiled assemblies without the need for additional programming or even access to source code.

In addition to simple obfuscation, Dotfuscator CE 5 offers a range of new software services for developers, architects and testers. Examples of the new code protection, monitoring and management capabilities included in Dotfuscator CE 5 are:

  • Tamper defense to detect the execution of tampered applications, transmit incident alerts, and terminate tampered sessions.
  • Application expiration behaviors that encode an “end-of-life” date, transmit alerts when applications are executed after their expiration date, and/or terminate expired application sessions.
  • Session tracking to determine what applications have been executed, what versions of those applications, and for how long.
  • Feature usage tracking to determine what features are being used, in what sequence, and for how long.

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Introduction: CapabilitiesUpgrades



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