Use Templates in a Live Broadcasting Project

Expression Studio 4.0

You can add a template to your live broadcasting project, whether you are publishing it to a server, or broadcasting locally. When you add a template to your live broadcast, your viewers will see your broadcast encased in a Silverlight skin. The template is specifically optimized to be used in live broadcasting scenarios and includes controls that enable your viewers to interact with the live broadcast. You can edit the live broadcasting template in Microsoft Expression Blend or Microsoft Visual Studio just as you can do with the templates available in the Transcoding Project and Silverlight Project.You access templates from the Templates panel in a Live Broadcasting Project. In the Templates panel, not only do you choose the template, but you also set up playback, display, and destination options for your template.

To add a template, first choose your output format and codec, and then, from the Templates panel, choose your template, set its options, and then generate the template.

In the Generate Template dialog box, you can choose to publish your template or generate it locally.  


You can only generate a template if you choose a Streaming option (Broadcast or Publishing Point) as an output type. You cannot generate a template if you chose only File Archive as an output type. For more information on output types, see Set the Broadcast stream options.


The templates will not work if you are streaming to a Streaming Media Services publishing point and have set either WMS Negotiate Authentication or WMS Digest Authentication on the publish point.

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