System Requirements

This documentation is no longer available on MSDN, however it is available as a CHM download.

This topic describes system requirements to develop and use the Bing Maps Silverlight Control.

Development Requirements

If you are only going to use the embedded maps feature of the Bing Maps Silverlight Control or if you want to access the map control using JavaScript, then you can use the script editor you prefer. These features are described in the Embedding a Map into Your Web Page and the Accessing the Control Using Script topics.

If you want to take advantage of the full functionality of the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, you must have the following components installed to develop a Bing Maps Silverlight Control application:

Regardless of your method of development, a Bing Maps Key is required for your Bing Maps Silverlight Control to function properly. Information about getting a key is found in the Getting a Bing Maps Key topic.

After you have downloaded the Bing Maps Silverlight Control, to view Bird’s eye or StreetsideTM maps you will need to install the Bing Maps Silverlight Control Extended Modes beta.

Supported Browsers

The Bing Maps Silverlight Control is supported on the browsers supported by Silverlight, which is described in detail under the System Requirements tab on the Get Microsoft Silverlight page.

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