TypeName Element for Types (Format)


Specifies the .NET Framework type of an object that belongs to the selection set.


Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe the attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the TypeName element. At least one TypeName element must be included in the selection set.



Child Elements


Parent Elements



Types Element (Format)

Defines the .NET Framework objects that are in the selection set.

Text Value

Specify the fully qualified name for the .NET Framework type.

You can use selection sets when you have a set of related objects that you want to reference by using a single name, such as a set of objects that are related through inheritance. When defining your views, you can specify the set of objects by using the name of the selection set instead of listing all the objects within each view.

Common selection sets are specified by their name when defining the views of the formatting file. In these cases, the SelectionSetName child element of the ViewSelectedBy element for the view specifies the set. However, different entries of a view can also specify a selection set that applies to only that entry of the view. For more information about selection sets, see Defining Sets of Objects.


The following example shows a SelectionSet element that defines four .NET Framework types.