Insert menu

Expression Studio 4.0

The following are the predefined items in the Insert menu of Microsoft Expression Web. If you are designing an add-in that is intended to reside in the Insert menu (the menuitem element is defined in the add-in manifest), use this list to define values for the parent and before attributes.

Insert menu

MENU_Insert   corresponds to the Insert menu.

  • MENU_Insert_HTML   corresponds to the HTML submenu.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_Div   corresponds to the <div> command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_Span   corresponds to the <span> command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_Break   corresponds to the Break command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_HorizontalLine   corresponds to the Horizontal Line command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_Image   corresponds to the Image command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_InlineFrame   corresponds to the Inline Frame command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_Layer   corresponds to the Layer command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_MarkOfTheWeb   corresponds to the Mark of the Web command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_Paragraph   corresponds to the Paragraph command.

    • MENU_Insert_HTML_MoreHTMLTags   corresponds to the More HTML Tags command.

  • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls   corresponds to the AP.NET Controls submenu.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_Button   corresponds to the Button command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_Checkbox   corresponds to the Check Box command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_CheckboxList   corresponds to the Check Box List command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_DropdownList   corresponds to the Drop-down List command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_ImageButton   corresponds to the Image Button command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_Label   corresponds to the Label command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_Listbox   corresponds to the List Box command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_RadioButton   corresponds to the Radio Button command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_RadioButtonList   corresponds to the Radio Button List command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_Textbox   corresponds to the Textbox command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_ScriptManager   corresponds to the Script Manager command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_ScriptManagerProxy   corresponds to the Script Manager Proxy command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_Timer   corresponds to the Timer command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_UpdatePanel   corresponds to the Update Panel command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_UpdateProgress   corresponds to the Update Progress command.

    • MENU_Insert_ASPNETControls_MoreASPNETControls   corresponds to the More ASP.NET Controls command.

  • MENU_Insert_PHP   corresponds to the PHP submenu of the Insert menu.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_FormVariable   corresponds to the Form Variable command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_URLVariable   corresponds to the URL Variable command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_SessionVariable   corresponds to the Session Variable command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_CookieVariable   corresponds to the Cookie Variable command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_Include   corresponds to the Include command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_IncludeOnce   corresponds to the Include Once command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_Require   corresponds to the Require command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_RequireOnce   corresponds to the Require Once command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_CodeBlock   corresponds to the Code Block command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_Echo   corresponds to the Echo command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_Comment   corresponds to the Comment command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_If   corresponds to the If command.

    • MENU_Insert_PHP_Else   corresponds to the Else command.

  • MENU_Insert_Hyperlink   corresponds to the Hyperlink command.

  • MENU_Insert_Bookmark   corresponds to the Bookmark command.

  • MENU_Insert_Picture   corresponds to the Picture command.

    • MENU_Insert_Picture_FromFile   corresponds to the From File command.

    • MENU_Insert_Picture_FromAdobePhotoshopPsd   corresponds to the From Adobe Photoshop (.psd) command.

  • MENU_Insert_Media   corresponds to the Media command.

    • MENU_Insert_Media_FlashMovie   corresponds to the Flash Movie command.

    • MENU_Insert_Media_Silverlight   corresponds to the Silverlight command.

    • MENU_Insert_Media_SilverlightVideo   corresponds to the Silverlight Video command.

    • MENU_Insert_Media_DeepZoom   corresponds to the Deep Zoom command.

    • MENU_Insert_Media_WindowsMediaPlayer   corresponds to the Windows Media Player command.

  • MENU_Insert_InteractiveButton   corresponds to the Interactive Button command.

  • MENU_Insert_Symbol   corresponds to the Symbol command.

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