ExtendedMembershipProvider.CreateUserAndAccount Method (String, String)

Creates a new user profile and a new membership account.

Namespace:  WebMatrix.WebData
Assembly:  WebMatrix.WebData (in WebMatrix.WebData.dll)

Public Overridable Function CreateUserAndAccount ( _
	userName As String, _
	password As String _
) As String
Dim instance As ExtendedMembershipProvider
Dim userName As String
Dim password As String
Dim returnValue As String

returnValue = instance.CreateUserAndAccount(userName, _


Type: System.String
The user name.
Type: System.String
The password.

Return Value

Type: System.String
A token that can be sent to the user to confirm the user account.

Creates a new user profile and a new user account (membership entry). For more information, see the WebSecurity class overview.

  • Medium trust for the immediate caller. This member can be used by partially trusted code.