WebMatrix.WebData Namespace

The WebMatrix.WebData namespace contains classes that simplify membership and security in ASP.NET Web Pages. This namespace includes classes that help you create and delete user accounts, define roles, and manage account passwords.

Public classExtendedMembershipProviderRepresents an abstract class that is used to extend the membership system that is provided by the MembershipProvider class.
Public classFormsAuthenticationSettingsDefines key names that override default settings in the <appSettings> section of the Web.config file.
Public classOAuthAccountDataRepresents an OAuth or OpenID account.
Public classPreApplicationStartCodeProvides a registration point for the simple membership pre-application start code.
Public classSimpleMembershipProviderProvides support for website membership tasks, such as creating accounts, deleting accounts, and managing passwords.
Public classSimpleRoleProviderProvides basic role-management functionality.
Public classWebSecurityProvides security and authentication features for ASP.NET Web Pages applications, including the ability to create user accounts, log users in and out, reset or change passwords, and perform related tasks.

Public enumerationSimpleMembershipProviderCasingBehaviorConfigures the behavior of SimpleMembershipProvider for the casing of user name queries.