HPC_Initialize method

Performs any initialization steps that are necessary before calculations for an Excel workbook are performed on an HPC cluster.


Function HPC_Initialize()


This method has no parameters.

Return value

This method does not return a value.


You optionally implement this macro for an Excel workbook for which you want to run calculations on an HPC cluster as part of the partition, calculate, and merge macro framework.

When you run a calculation for an Excel workbook on an HPC cluster, the client library first calls the HPC_GetVersion macro, and then it calls the HPC_Initialize macro.

Implement this macro to perform the initialization tasks that are necessary for the entire calculation, such as resetting counter variables, clearing old results from the spreadsheet, turning off the display of updates to the workbook during the calculation, and opening external resources such as log files or database connections.

If you make changes to the spreadsheet in the HPC_Merge macro, you can improve the processing time by turning screen updates off in the HPC_Initialize macro and then turning them back on in the HPC_Finalize macro. Set the value of the Application.ScreenUpdating property to turn screen updates on or off.


For example implementations of the HPC_Initialize macro, see the following resources:



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