Applies To: SQL Server 2016 Preview

Provides information at the column and segment level about storage tables used by an Analysis Services database running in tabular or Power Pivot mode. This rowset is primarily used for troubleshooting and analysis.

Applies to: tabular models

The DISCOVER_STORAGE_TABLE_COLUMN_SEGMENTS rowset contains the following columns.

Column nameType indicatorRestrictionDescription
DATABASE_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRYesSpecifies the tabular database.

The DISCOVER_STORAGE_TABLE_COLUMN_SEGMENTS rowset can be restricted by using this column. If omitted the current database is used.
CUBE_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRYesThe name of the model.

The DISCOVER_STORAGE_TABLES rowset can be restricted by using this column.
MEASURE_GROUP_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRYesThe name of the measure group.
PARTITION_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRYesThe name of the partition.
DIMENSION_NAMEDBTYPE_WSTRThe name of the dimension.
TABLE_IDDBTYPE_WSTRThe internal ID of the table segment.
COLUMN_IDDBTYPE_WSTRThe internal ID of the column.
SEGMENT _NUMBERDBTYPE_I8The ordinal number of the table segment.
TABLE_PARTTION_NUMBERDBTYPE_I8The ordinal number of the partition.
RECORDS_COUNTDBTYPE_I8The number of records in the partition.
ALLOCATED_SIZEDBTYPE_UI8Size in bytes allocated to the column segment.
USED_SIZEDBTYPE_UI8Size in bytes used by the column segment.
COMPRESSION_TYPEDBTYPE_WSTRType of compression applied to the column segment. This value is intended for internal use and customer support use only. Microsoft does not publish valid values or descriptions for this column.
BITS_COUNTDBTYPE_I8The count of bits.
BOOKMARK_BITS_COUNTDBTYPE_I8The count of bookmark bits.
VERTIPAQ_STATEDBTYPE_WSTRThe state of the VertiPaq compression for this column segment. The value is one of the following:

SKIPPED – The VertiPaq compression was skipped.

COMPLETED – The VertiPaq compression completed successfully.

TIMEBOXED – The VertiPaq compression was timeboxed.

When using ADOMD.NET and the schema rowset to retrieve metadata, you can use either the GUID or string to reference a schema rowset object in the GetSchemaDataSet method. For more information, see Working with Schema Rowsets in ADOMD.NET.

The following table provides the GUID and string values that identify this rowset.


The following query returns the storage table segments associated with the model attribute LastName, in the current database.

WHERE COLUMN_ID = 'LastName'  

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