Create a Work Item (Team Explorer Everywhere)

Visual Studio 2010

You can use Team Foundation work items to track the different types of work that the project team must complete.

Required Permissions

To perform these procedures, you must be a member of the Contributors group or have your View work items in this node, and Edit work items in this node permissions set to Allow. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

Adding a Work Item by Using Team Explorer

  1. If Team Explorer is not visible in the Eclipse user interface, see Open Team Explorer.

  2. If your team project is not open in Team Explorer, see Connect to Team Projects.

  3. In Team Explorer, expand the team project in which you want to create a work item.

  4. Right-click the Work Items folder, point to New Work Item, and click the work item type that you want to create.

  5. Type information in all required fields and optionally in additional fields.


    Each required field has a shaded background.

    Larger text panes often have View and Edit tabs. You must click the Edit tab to add text to the field.

  6. On the File menu, click Save. You can also press Ctrl+S to save a work item.

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