This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Running and Monitoring Builds (Team Explorer Everywhere)

Visual Studio 2010

When you use Team Foundation Build to run your builds, you can manually start any defined build. Also, you can monitor the progress of builds in several ways to determine whether they completed successfully or to know when they are ready to use.

For information about how to schedule a build to start automatically instead of manually, see Creating a Build Definition for Team Foundation Server 2010 (Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010) and Specify the Build Trigger (Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server).


Supporting Content

Run a build: Manually queue any build whenever you need the build system to run it.

Monitor progress: Monitor build progress by viewing detailed data about an ongoing build or by displaying an alert in your taskbar notification area when the build has completed.

Stop a build: Stop a build that is in progress or that has been postponed.


Supporting Content

Create a build definition: You create a build definition that you can later use to run manual or automated builds.

Creating and Working with Build Definitions (Team Explorer Everywhere)

View and manage queued, ongoing, or completed builds: You can use Build Explorer to interact with the builds that have been queued.

Using Build Explorer to View and Manage Queued, Ongoing, and Completed Builds