ManagementPackReportParameterControl Methods

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(see also Protected Methods)
public methodCreateNavigator  Creates a new XPathNavigator object. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodEquals  Overloaded. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetCategories  Retrieves a collection of ManagementPackCategory objects defined in this management pack object. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetDisplayString  Overloaded. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetFolders  Gets the collection of management pack folders associated with this management pack element. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetHashCode  Gets the hash code for this object. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetImageReferences  Gets the images associated with this management pack element. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetKnowledgeArticle  Overloaded. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetManagementPack  Gets the management pack that this object is defined in. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodGetType  (inherited from Object)
public methodReconnectOverloaded.  
public methodstaticReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object)
public methodToString  Gets the name of this management pack element. (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
public methodWriteXml  (inherited from ManagementPackElement)

  Name Description
protected method CheckVersionCompatibility  (inherited from ManagementPackAccessibleElement)
protected method Finalize  (inherited from Object)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object)
protected method PostProcessChange  (inherited from ManagementPackElement)
protected method ReadAttributes  (inherited from ManagementPackAccessibleElement)
protected method ReadElements Overridden. Reads the child elements from this management pack element.
protected method UpdateCollection  (inherited from ManagementPackItem)
protected method WriteAttributes  (inherited from ManagementPackAccessibleElement)
protected method WriteElements Overridden. Writes the child elements to this management pack element.