Installing the Windows Azure Integration Components

Updated: November 22, 2010

[This topic provides preliminary content for the beta release of the Windows Azure VM role feature. To join the beta, log on to the Management Portal, click Home, and then click Beta Programs.]

The Windows Azure Integration Components include an agent that is automatically started each time the operating system starts. The integration components are required in a VM role that is hosted as a service in Windows Azure.

The agent performs required tasks to integrate the operating system of the VM role with Windows Azure. The agent works with the load balancer to communicate information about the role state of the instances. The agent also initializes the virtual machine by installing certificates and creating local resource directories based on the settings in the service definition. For more information about the service definition, see Overview of a Windows Azure Application.

To install the Windows Azure Integration Components, complete the steps listed in How to Install the Windows Azure Integration Components.

At this point in the process is where you install your applications and make any operating system configuration changes that need to be made.

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