Server Application Requests Updating the Server Configuration

The calling application provides SERVER_INFO_103 ([MS-SRVS] section and SERVER_INFO_599 ([MS-SRVS] section structures as input parameters to update the server configuration. The following values MUST be set by the server:

  • Server.AutodisconnectTimeout MUST be set to sv103_disc.

  • Server.MaxVcNumber MUST be set to sv599_sessvcs.

  • Server.OplockTimeout MUST be set to sv599_oplockbreakresponsewait.

  • Server.EnableOplock MUST be set to sv599_enableoplocks.

  • Server.MaxMpxCount MUST be set to sv599_maxmpxct.

  • Server.SrvSearchMaxTimeout MUST be set to sv599_maxkeepsearch.

  • Server.SrvMaxSessionTableSize MUST be set to sv599_sessusers.