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Storage Emulator Command-Line Tool Reference

Updated: January 13, 2015

Starting in version 3.0, when you launch the Storage Emulator you will see a command prompt pop up. Use the command prompt to start and stop the emulator as well as query for status and perform other operations.

If you have the Compute Emulator installed, a system tray icon will appear when you launch the Storage Emulator. Right-click on the icon to reveal a menu, which provides a graphical way to start and stop the Storage Emulator.

WAStorageEmulator [/start] [/stop] [/status] [/clear] [/init] [/help]

To view the list of options, type /help at the command prompt.


Option Description Command Arguments


Starts up the storage emulator.

WAStorageEmulator start [-inprocess]



Start the emulator in the current process instead of creating a new process.


Stops the storage emulator.

WAStorageEmulator stop


Prints the status of the storage emulator.

WAStorageEmulator status


Clears the data in all services specified on the command line.

WAStorageEmulator clear [blob] [table] [queue] [all]



Clears data in the Blob service.


Clears data in the Queue service.


Clears data in the Table service.


Clears all data in all services.


Performs one-time initialization to set up the emulator.

WAStorageEmulator.exe init [-server serverName] [-sqlinstance instanceName] [-forcecreate] [-inprocess]


-server serverName

Specifies the server hosting the SQL instance.

-sqlinstance instanceName

Specifies the name of the SQL instance to be used.


Forces creation of the SQL database, even if it already exists.


Performs initialization in the current process instead of spawning a new process. This requires the current process to have been launched with elevated permissions.

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