Bing Maps AJAX Control, Version 7.0


You are not viewing the latest version of the Bing Maps Web control (AJAX). Bing Maps V8 Web Control is the recommended JavaScript control for Bing Maps.

Bing™ Maps is an online mapping service that enables users to search, discover, explore, plan, and share information about specific locations. By using enhanced road maps, labeled aerial photo views, and low-angle high-resolution aerial photos, Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0, in conjunction with the Bing Maps REST Services, provides unique opportunities for developers to incorporate both location and local search features into their web applications, as well as into Windows Store apps (see Developing a Windows Store app).

The Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 software development kit (SDK) consists of a complete set of reference topics that cover the Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 application programming interface (API). For extra code snippets and feature samples, see Bing Maps AJAX Control 7.0 Interactive SDK and Samples on MSDN.

Download this documentation: CHM | PDF