Microsoft.Practices.Prism.Events Namespace

Public classBackgroundEventSubscription<TPayload>
Extends EventSubscription<TPayload> to invoke the Action delegate in a background thread.
Public classCompositePresentationEvent<TPayload>
Defines a class that manages publication and subscription to events.
Public classDataEventArgs<TData>
Generic arguments class to pass to event handlers that need to receive data.
Public classDefaultDispatcher
Wraps the Deployment Dispatcher.
Public classDelegateReference
Represents a reference to a Delegate that may contain a WeakReference to the target. This class is used internally by the Composite Application Library.
Public classDispatcherEventSubscription<TPayload>
Extends EventSubscription<TPayload> to invoke the Action delegate in a specific Dispatcher.
Public classEventAggregator
Implements IEventAggregator.
Public classEventBase
Defines a base class to publish and subscribe to events.
Public classEventSubscription<TPayload>
Provides a way to retrieve a Delegate to execute an action depending on the value of a second filter predicate that returns true if the action should execute.
Public classSubscriptionToken
Subscription token returned from EventBase on subscribe.

Public interfaceIDelegateReference
Represents a reference to a Delegate.
Public interfaceIDispatcherFacade
Defines the interface for invoking methods through a Dispatcher Facade
Public interfaceIEventAggregator
Defines an interface to get instances of an event type.
Public interfaceIEventSubscription
Defines a contract for an event subscription to be used by EventBase.

Public enumerationThreadOption
Specifies on which thread a CompositePresentationEvent<TPayload> subscriber will be called.