Microsoft.Practices.Prism Namespace

Public classBootstrapper
Base class that provides a basic bootstrapping sequence and hooks that specific implementations can override
Public classCollectionExtensions
Class that provides extension methods to Collection
Public classExceptionExtensions
Class that provides extension methods for the Exception class. These extension methods provide a mechanism for developers to get more easily to the root cause of an exception, especially in combination with DI-containers such as Unity.
Public classListDictionary<TKey, TValue>
A dictionary of lists.
Public classObservableObject<T>
Class that wraps an object, so that other classes can notify for Change events. Typically, this class is set as a Dependency Property on DependencyObjects, and allows other classes to observe any changes in the Value.
Public classServiceLocatorExtensions
Defines extension methods for the ServiceLocator class.
Public classUriParsingHelper
Helper class for parsing Uri instances.
Public classUriQuery
Represents a query in a Uri.

Public interfaceIActiveAware
Interface that defines if the object instance is active and notifies when the activity changes.