Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with SharePoint


Updated: November 29, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a collaboration and content management application that simplifies how people store, find, and share information. It helps people to collaborate effectively by having secure access to documents and information that they require to make business decisions.

The SharePoint integration feature enables you to store and manage documents on SharePoint in the context of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 record, and use the SharePoint document management abilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365, such as checking the document in and out, viewing version history, and changing document properties.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 supports two types of integration with SharePoint: client-to-server and server-to-server (server-based). More information:  Enable SharePoint integration

Use the SharePointSite and SharePointDocumentLocation entities to store and manage the SharePoint Server location records in Dynamics 365, and the UserMapping entity to define custom claim mappings to use a value other than the default value used by Dynamics 365 (online) to authenticate and authorize Dynamics 365 users in SharePoint.

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