Saved query XML reference


Updated: November 29, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

Use the View editor to manipulate the XML that defines views. Use the information in this section when you edit the Saved Query XML.

<ascend> (SavedQuery)

Specifies the attribute (column) in the columnset that will be sorted in ascending order.

<CanBeDeleted> (SavedQuery)

Specifies whether the view can be deleted.

<cell> (SavedQuery)

Describes a field returned in the layoutxml of a savedquery.

<column> (SavedQuery)

Describes a field returned in a saved query using columnsetxml.

<columnset> (SavedQuery)

Describes a group of columns to return when columnsetxml is used in a saved query.

<columnsetxml> (SavedQuery)

Defines a set of columns to return in a saved query.

<conditionalformatting> (SavedQuery)

Specifies the conditional formatting of this view.

<descend> (SavedQuery)

Specifies the attribute (column) in the columnset that will be sorted in descending order.

<Description> (SavedQuery)

Provides a description in a specific language for the parent of the Descriptions element.

<Descriptions> (SavedQuery)

Specifies a group of descriptions for different languages.

<fetchxml> (SavedQuery)

Describes the data to return in the saved query using the FetchXML language.

<grid> (SavedQuery)

Defines a grid structure for the presentation of data in a saved query.

<IntroducedVersion> (SavedQuery)

The representation of a version number representing the version of the solution that the solution component was added in.

<IsCustomizable> (SavedQuery)

Indicates that the saved query is customizable.

<isdefault> (SavedQuery)

Indicates that the saved query represents the default view of an entity.

<isprivate> (SavedQuery)

This element is deprecated.

<isquickfindquery> (SavedQuery)

Indicates whether the saved query represents a Quick Find view.

<CanBeDeleted> (SavedQuery)

This element is deprecated.

<layoutxml> (SavedQuery)

Defines a grid that displays results from the saved query.

<LocalizedName> (SavedQuery)

Provides a localized name for the saved query.

<LocalizedNames> (SavedQuery)

Specifies a group of LocalizedName elements for the saved query.

<queryapi> (SavedQuery)

For internal use only.

<querytype> (SavedQuery)

Describes the type of the query.

<returnedtypecode> (SavedQuery)

Describes the entity information returned using the entity type code.

<row> (SavedQuery)

Contains a row in a grid for a saved query.

<savedqueries> (SavedQuery)

Groups all the saved queries.

<SavedQueries> (SavedQuery) (Parent of <savedqueries>)

Groups all of the saved queries for a particular entity.

<savedquery> (SavedQuery)

Defines a saved query.

<savedqueryid> (SavedQuery)

Defines an ID value for a saved query.

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