2.2.2 Configuration Data Properties

Configuration data consists of groups of related application settings. Each group of settings is stored in separate stream properties that are set on FAI messages.

The streams can contain a serialized dictionary of name-value pairs that allow access to individual settings by name. The dictionary is serialized using an XML schema that is common to all dictionary streams. Most simple settings use this type of stream.

For more structured data, such as the user's preferred working hours, the streams can contain an XML document that uses an arbitrary schema that corresponds to the structure of the data. The settings that use an arbitrary XML stream include the user's preferred working hours, which can be used by the client and server to make improved scheduling suggestions for that user, and the user's customized category list, which allows the user to build a list of commonly used message categories and assign color values to those categories.

The properties specified in sections through are present on FAI messages that contain configuration data.