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Updated: June 13, 2017

Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

The Developer Resources page in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online & on-premises)web application provides important resources. Included on this page are the web service endpoint URLs, a certificate for accessing Microsoft Azure, and other organization information that you'll need during development. To access the page in the web application, click Settings> Customizations, and then click Developer Resources.

For the “Organization service” and “Organization data service” sections in this topic, the example URLsinclude an OrganizationName. This refers to the organization that you specify in the URLwhen you access the web application. For example, for, the OrganizationNameis Contoso. ServerNamerefers to the name of the server, including the port number, for example, myserveror myserver:5555.

Shows the unique name for your organization, which is needed when interacting with the discovery service. Note that this may not be the same as the name that’s specified in the URL. This name can be found in the following properties:

  • Deployment web service: UniqueName

  • Discovery web service: UniqueName

  • Organization web service using early bound classes: Organization.UniqueName

You can also retrieve this from the discovery service by using the RetrieveOrganizationsRequestmessage.

Provides a download link to the public certificate that is required to configure Microsoft Azurefor Microsoft Dynamics 365integration. For an on-premises or Internet-facing deployment, this information is only visible after Dynamics 365has been configured for Azureintegration.

For more information, see Azure extensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365and Walkthrough: Configure Dynamics 365 for integration with Microsoft Azure.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Centeror crmdevelopercenter.comcontains a wealth of information to help developers. Here you’ll find the Microsoft Dynamics 365 SDK, which includes documentation, samples, and tools, as well as technical articles, ramp up kits, videos, blogs, forums, and more.

The IDiscoveryServiceweb service provides information about the organizations available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365server using the SOAPprotocol. This information includes the web address ( URL) for each organization. For more information, see Discover the URL for your organization using the Organization Service.

Use the following URLsto access the discovery service (use the appropriate URLfor your location).


Discovery Web service URL

Identity Provider

North America

Microsoft account

Microsoft Office 365

North America 2

Microsoft Office 365

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Microsoft account

Microsoft Office 365

Asia Pacific Area (APAC)

Microsoft account

Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365

Japan (JPN)

Microsoft Office 365

South America

Microsoft Office 365

India (IND)

Microsoft Office 365


Microsoft Office 365

United Kingdom (UK)

Microsoft Office 365

Use the following URLto access the discovery service:


The IOrganizationServiceweb service provides access to the business data and metadata of your organization by using the SOAPprotocol. More information: Use the Organization Service to read and write data or metadata.

Use the following URLsto access the organization service ( SOAPendpoint): America) America) America 2) Kingdom)

Use the followingURLto access the organization service (SOAP endpoint):


This Open Data ( OData v2) Web service provides access to the business data of your organization by exposing a RESTAPI. This link opens the Conceptual Schema Definition Language ( CSDL) document that describes how to access your data by using this API.


The Organization Data service has been deprecated and replaced by the Web API. For more information about the Web API see Use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Web API.

Use the following URLs to access the organization data service ( ODataRESTendpoint): America) America) America 2) Kingdom)

Use the following URL to access the organization data service ( ODataRESTendpoint):


To add a service reference for these services to a Microsoft Visual Studioproject, you must append ?WSDLto the service URLwhen specifying the address in the Add Service Referencedialog box. For example, the discovery service Web Services Description Language (WSDL)address is http[s]://servername/xrmservices/2011/discovery.svc?wsdl.

The web services support SDK versioning. Specifying an SDK version in the WSDLURLindicates a scope for the amount of data to be returned in the WSDL. The syntax for web service SDK versioning ends the URL in ?singleWSDL&sdkversion=X.X. For example, the URL would be In this example, you would have built your application using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 SDKv8.0 assemblies.

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