Extensible Storage Engine System Parameters


Last modified: March 09, 2015

Applies to: Windows | Windows Server

The following constants are used as values for the paramid parameter of the JetGetSystemParameter and JetSetSystemParameter functions.

System Parameter Description Format

Each system parameter will be described using the following format:


Description of the JET_paramX system parameter.

Default Value:

The default value of the parameter.


The data type of the parameter.

Valid Range:

The legal values for the parameter.


Is the parameter Global or per Instance?

Set After JetCreateInstance:

Can the parameter be set if any instances exist?

Set after JetInit:

Can the parameter be set when initialized?

Affects Physical Layout:

Does the parameter affect the files on disk?

Affects Reliability:

Does the parameter affect engine reliability?

Affects Performance:

Does the parameter affect engine performance?

Affects Resources:

Does the parameter affect engine resources?


Releases of Windows that support the parameter.