UI Control Error Messages

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

The following table lists the error messages that may arise when users interact with the Windows Live Messenger Connect UI controls, along with possible ways to resolve those errors.

Error message Description

A problem with this site is preventing Messenger from working properly.

The application-hosted token-refresh page might be unavailable.

Check the URL value for the token-url attribute of the <wl:app> tag to ensure that the URL is correct, the token-refresh page is properly configured, and the token-refresh page is installed on your server. For more information about refreshing a token, see Refreshing an Access Token.

A problem with this site is preventing Messenger from working properly (channel is misconfigured).

The channel URL might be improperly configured, possibly because the URL is incorrect or the channel page is not installed on your server.

Ensure that the URL value for the channel-url attribute of the <wl:app> tag is correct. For more information about the channel page, see Configuring Your Application by Using the App Tag.

A problem with this site is preventing you from seeing your full contact list.

The application contacts ticket might be invalid, possibly because the ticket is out of date, or because the delegation token that was used to sign the application contacts ticket is out of date.

Verify the validity of the contacts ticket and the delegation token. For more information about application contacts, see Application Contacts (Messenger Connect).

There is a problem reaching the Messenger service. You might be experiencing connectivity issues.

There is a problem connecting to the Windows Live Messenger server. If you experience this error frequently, a networking problem could be preventing you from connecting to Windows Live Messenger.

We are experiencing some technical issues with the Messenger service at the moment.

The Windows Live Messenger service is experiencing a technical problem. This error should occur infrequently. If you see this error often, it may be caused by a networking problem that is preventing you from connecting to Messenger.

Try to connect later.