JetCreateIndex2 Function


Last modified: March 09, 2015

Applies to: Windows | Windows Server

The JetCreateIndex2 function creates indexes over data in an ESE database, which can be used to locate specific data quickly.

JET_ERR JET_API JetCreateIndex2(
  __in          JET_SESID sesid,
  __in          JET_TABLEID tableid,
  __in          JET_INDEXCREATE* pindexcreate,
  __in          unsigned long cIndexCreate



The database session context to use for the API call.


The table on which the index will be created.


An array of JET_INDEXCREATE structures, each of which defines an index to be created.


The number of elements in the pindexcreate array.

Return Value

This function returns the JET_ERR datatype with one of the following return codes. For more information about the possible ESE errors, see Extensible Storage Engine Errors and Error Handling Parameters.

Return code



The operation completed successfully.


An attempt was made to index over an escrow-update or SLV column (note that SLV columns are deprecated).


An attempt was made to index over a non-existent column. Attempting to conditionally index over a non-existent column can also produce this error.


This error will be returned if the ulDensity member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure is set to a number less than 20 or more than 100.


An attempt to define two identical indexes was made.


An attempt was made to specify more than one primary index for a table. A table must have exactly one primary index. If no primary index is specified, the database engine will transparently create one.


An invalid index definition was specified. Some of the possible reasons for receiving this error are:

  • A primary index is conditional (grbit member of JET_INDEXCREATE has JET_bitIndexPrimary set, and the cConditionalColumn member of JET_INDEXCREATE is greater than zero).

  • Windows Server 2003 and later. Attempting to create a tuple index with tuple limits, but without passing information in the ptuplelimits member in JET_INDEXCREATE (that is, grbit has JET_bitIndexTupleLimits set, but the ptuplelimits pointer is NULL).

  • Passing in an invalid key definition in the szKey member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure. See JET_INDEXCREATE for a discussion of valid definitions.

  • Setting the cbVarSegMac member in JET_INDEXCREATE to be greater than JET_cbPrimaryKeyMost (for a primary index) or greater than JET_cbSecondaryKeyMost (for a secondary index).

  • Passing an invalid combination for a user-defined Unicode index (one which has the JET_bitIndexUnicode bit set in the grbit member of JET_INDEXCREATE). Some common causes may be that the pidxunicode field of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure is NULL, or the LCID specified in the pidxunicode structure is invalid.

  • Specifying a multi-valued column for a primary index.

  • Trying to index too many conditional columns. The cConditionalColumn member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure must not be greater than JET_ccolKeyMost.


Windows XP and later. A JET_TUPLELIMITS structure was specified, and its limits are not supported. See the remarks section of the JET_TUPLELIMITS structure.


Windows XP and later. A tuple index cannot be unique (grbit must not have both JET_bitIndexTuples and JET_bitIndexUnique set).


Windows XP and later. A tuple index can only be over a single column (that is, the grbit member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure has JET_bitIndexTuples set, and the szKey member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure specifies more than one column).


Windows XP and later. A tuple index cannot be a primary index (that is, the grbit member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure must not have both JET_bitIndexPrimary and JET_bitIndexTuples set).


Windows XP and later. A tuple index can only be on a text or Unicode column. An attempt to index other columns (for example, binary columns) will result in JET_errIndexTuplesTextColumnsOnly.


Windows XP and later. A tuple index does not allow the cbVarSegMac member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure to be set.


An attempt was made to create an index without version information while in a transaction.


The index definition is invalid because the grbit member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure contains inconsistent values. Some possible reasons are:

  • A primary index had an ignore bit specified (JET_bitIndexPrimary was passed with one of JET_bitIndexIgnoreNull, JET_bitIndexIgnoreAnyNull, or JET_bitIndexIgnoreFirstNull).

  • An empty index does not ignore any NULL fields (that is, grbit member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure has JET_bitIndexEmpty set, but does not have JET_bitIndexIgnoreAnyNull set).

  • Passing in a JET_CONDITIONALCOLUMN structure with an invalid grbit member. See JET_CONDITIONALCOLUMN.

When creating several indexes at once (that is, if the cIndexCreate parameter is greater than one), none of the indexes may contain any of the following bits:

  • JET_bitIndexPrimary

  • JET_bitIndexUnversioned

  • JET_bitIndexEmpty


An invalid Locale ID (LCID) was passed in (either through the lcid member in the JET_UNICODEINDEX structure, which the pidxunicode member in the JET_INDEXCREATE structure contains a pointer to, or through the lcid member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure).


An invalid index name was specified. See JET_INDEXCREATE for more details.


An invalid parameter was passed into the API. Some of the reasons this error may be returned are:


An error occurred attempting to normalize a Unicode column. This can be caused by running out of system resources.


The return value is JET_errSuccess on successful completion of all indexes specified.

JetCreateIndex2 iterates through the indexes given in pindexcreate, and will sometimes abort on the first failure. Any indexes after the first index with an error may not have been attempted, even though the err member of the JET_INDEXCREATE structure contains JET_errSuccess.



Requires Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 2000 Professional.


Requires Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, or Windows 2000 Server.


Declared in Esent.h.


Use ESENT.lib.


Requires ESENT.dll.


Implemented as JetCreateIndex2W (Unicode) and JetCreateIndex2A (ANSI).

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