This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Editor Toolbar

This page is specific to the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Language Reference for Office 2010.


Contains buttons that are shortcuts to some commonly used menu items. Frequently used when editing code.

You can click a toolbar button once to carry out the action represented by that button. You can select the Show ToolTips option in the General tab of the Options dialog box if you want to display ToolTips for the toolbar buttons.

Gg264394.tbr_selm_ZA01201741(en-us,office.14).gifList Properties/Methods

Opens a box in the code window that contains the properties and methods available for the object that precedes the period (.).

Gg264394.tbr_selc_ZA01201740(en-us,office.14).gifList Constants

Opens a box in the Code window that contains the constants that are valid choices for the property you typed and that precede the equals sign (=).

Gg264394.tbr_qtip_ZA01201732(en-us,office.14).gifQuick Info

Provides the syntax for a variable, function, method, or procedure based on the location of your pointer within the name of the function, method, or procedure.

Gg264394.tbr_ptip_ZA01201731(en-us,office.14).gifParameter Info

Shows a popup in the Code window that contains information about the parameters of the function in which the pointer is located.

Gg264394.tbr_cwrd_ZA01201695(en-us,office.14).gifComplete Word

Accepts the characters that Visual Basic automatically adds to the word you are typing.


Shifts all lines in the selection to the next tab stop.


Shifts all lines in the selection to the previous tab stop.

Gg264394.tbr_bkpt_ZA01201681(en-us,office.14).gifToggle Breakpoint

Sets or removes a breakpoint at the current line.

Gg264394.tbr_comt_ZA01201691(en-us,office.14).gifComment Block

Adds comment character to the beginning of each line of a selected block of text.

Gg264394.tbr_uncm_ZA01201761(en-us,office.14).gifUncomment Block

Removes the comment character from each line of a selected block of text.

Gg264394.tbr_tbmk_ZA01201753(en-us,office.14).gifToggle Bookmark

Toggles a bookmark on or off for the active line in the Code window.

Gg264394.tbr_nxtb_ZA01201717(en-us,office.14).gifNext Bookmark

Moves the focus to the next bookmark in the bookmark stack.

Gg264394.tbr_prvb_ZA01201729(en-us,office.14).gifPrevious Bookmark

Moves the focus to the previous bookmark in the bookmark stack.

Gg264394.tbr_clrb_ZA01201687(en-us,office.14).gifClear All Bookmarks

Removes all bookmarks.