Moderating the Chat Control

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

Windows Live Messenger Connect provides the ability to moderate the chat room created by the Chat UI control. By using Messenger Connect, a chat moderator can delete messages, view a larger message history, and block users from posting.

The owner of the client ID is the moderator of all chat controls implemented on the application or site associated with that ID. After the client ID owner signs in and is authenticated, moderator functions become available.

A chat moderator has the following additional capabilities:

  • Deleting any messages posted by users.
  • Blocking and unblocking users' ability to post messages.

Chat moderators can delete any posted chat room messages. When a message is deleted, it is no longer sent out in the chat event. Chat users who were active when the message was posted will still see the deleted message; new users who sign in will not view the message as part of the chat room history. Deleted messages cannot be recovered.

Chat moderators can block any user from posting messages to a chat room. When a user is blocked, all messages that the user has posted are deleted, and messages entered by the blocked user will no longer be sent out to the chat event or posted. A user who is blocked in any one application chat room is also blocked in all other chat rooms for that application.

Users can be unblocked by a chat moderator during the same chat session in which they were blocked. Unblocked users can resume posting messages to the chat room; but any messages that were deleted as a result of their original blocking remain deleted.

The following screenshot shows the moderator UI that you can use to delete a message or block a user.