Profiles Overview

Current information about Live Connect is now available in the Windows Live Developer Center. The information in the following sections is provided for legacy purposes only.

The Windows Live Messenger Profile page shows the user's full name, photo, contact information, and other information that the user chooses to reveal. It also displays a list of the user's friends (contacts with whom the user has mutually agreed to be friends). The user can set the access level for the profile information (that is, who is allowed to view the user's personal information and activities). The Profile page also displays a feed of all activities on other websites or services (for example, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube) to which the user is connected.

The Profiles resource has one collection named Profiles. The Profiles collection contains entries that manage various types of profile data, such as About You, Contact Info, Work, Social, and Education.

The following table describes the role of each of these elements.

Resource element Description

Profiles Resource

The Windows Live Messenger Connect resource that exposes profile data

Profiles Collection

The collection that contains the user's profile entry

Profile Entry

The individual entry that contains a user's profile data

Status Message Collection

The collection that contains the user's status message entry

Status Message Entry

The individual entry that contains a user's status message data

The following table lists the operations that the Profiles resource supports. You can access the Profiles resource by using the Representational State Transfer (REST) API service or the Messenger Connect JavaScript Library.

Operation JavaScript library REST API service

View user profile information

Enumerating User Profile Data

Retrieve Profile Entry

For a description of how the Messenger Connect resource model is structured hierarchically into resources, collections, and entries, see Resource Model Structure. For a description of the Profiles resource architecture and the operations that this resource supports at the various levels, see Profiles Resource.

When working with the profile of a Windows Live user, your application accesses a set of related properties. For a list of the properties that are unavailable to your application, see the Windows Live Developer Center.