Unsupported debugging scenarios in the Workflow Designer


The Workflow Designer in .NET Framework 4 added many new features, but there are still some debugging scenarios that it does not support. This document details unsupported Workflow Designer debugging scenarios.

  • Execution cannot be continued after code has been edited.

  • Execution cannot be continued from an arbitrary point in the workflow (Set Next).

  • Execution cannot be continued until the cursor is reached (Run to Cursor).

  • The workflow designer cannot be used to debug workflows created in code without the use of the designer.

  • Workflows created in earlier versions of Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) cannot be debugged in the .NET Framework 4 designer.

  • Breakpoints cannot be defined on links between activities or Flowchart nodes.

  • The clipboard is not available during debugging.

  • Breakpoints are not retained when activities are copied or pasted.

  • Workflow breakpoints cannot be set in the call stack window.

  • When creating breakpoints in the designer, the Line and Character settings in the New Breakpoint dialog are not used.

  • The Breakpoint window or shortcut menu does not support the following columns or options for workflow debugging:

    • Condition

    • Hit Count

    • When Hit

    • Function

    • Data

    • Process

    • Go to Disassembly