This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Create a Procedure

This page is specific to the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Language Reference for Office 2010.

Code within a module is organized into procedures. A procedure tells the application how to perform a specific task. Use procedures to divide complex code tasks into more manageable units.

To create a procedure by writing code

  1. Open the module for which you want to write the procedure.

  2. You can create a Sub, Function, or Property procedure.

  3. Type Sub, Function, or Property. Press F1 to get Help with syntax, if necessary.

  4. Type code for the procedure. Visual Basic concludes the procedure with the appropriate End Sub, End Function, or End Property statement.

To create a procedure using the Insert Procedure dialog box

  1. Open the module for which you want to write the procedure.

  2. On the Insert menu, click Procedure.

  3. Type the name for the procedure in the Name box of the Insert Procedure dialog box.

  4. Select the type of procedure you want to create: Sub, Function, or Property.

  5. Set the procedure's scope to either Public or Private.

  6. You can select the All Local Variables as Statics to add the Static keyword to the procedure definition.

  7. Click OK.