QueueSystem.PurgeQueueStatistics method

Office 2013 and later

Clears the statistics for jobs of the specified type in the Project Server Queuing Service.

Namespace:  WebSvcQueueSystem
Assembly:  ProjectServerServices (in ProjectServerServices.dll)

[SoapDocumentMethodAttribute("http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/project/server/webservices/QueueSystem/PurgeQueueStatistics", RequestNamespace = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/project/server/webservices/QueueSystem/", 
	ResponseNamespace = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/project/server/webservices/QueueSystem/", 
	Use = SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle = SoapParameterStyle.Wrapped)]
public void PurgeQueueStatistics(
	QueueMsgType[] messageTypes


Type: []

Array of QueueMsgType enumeration values.

Removes the wait time history and queue performance counter data for the types of jobs specified in messageTypes. If actual wait times are significantly different from expected wait times, or if queue performance counters appear to be incorrect, call PurgeQueueStatistics to force recalculation of expected wait times based on current data. The expected wait time for a job is approximate, based on the average wait times for jobs of similar type, on position on the queue, and on correlation priority.

Project Server Permissions

One of the following permissions is required.




Allows the user to manage the Project Server queue. Global permission.


Allows the user to delete or move projects. Global permission.