This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Tasks Namespace

  Class Description
Public class BuildStep
Public class CopyDirectoryTask This task will copy all inputs to a specified target
Public class CreateNewWorkItem
Public class CreateWorkspaceTask This task is used to create a workspace using an existing workspace template file. It modifies the local paths based on the LocalPath property of the task.
Public class DeleteWorkspaceTask This task is used to delete a workspace from an existing workspace template file.
Public class GenCheckinNotesUpdateWorkItems
Public class Get
Public class GetBuildProperties
Public class InternalMapping Obsolete. This class contains the minimum set of information that you need to re-create a working folder. These are serialized to local files.
Public class Label
Public class RevertWorkspaceTask
Public class SerializedWorkspace Obsolete. This class is used to serialize a workspaces mapping to a file.
Public class SetBuildProperties
Public class Task
Public class TeamBuildTaskCompletedEventArgs
Public class TeamBuildTaskStartedEventArgs
Public class TeamBuildTaskTrackingEventArgs
Public class TestToolsTask MSBuild task to execute MSTest.exe.
Public class WorkflowTask
Public class WorkspaceItemConverterTask