Sample Home Screen (Compact 2013)


Device users can interact with the OS of your consumer device through a unique sample home screen available in Windows Embedded Compact. The sample screen provides a XAML for Windows Embedded UI shell that differs from the traditional Windows desktop style and is fully customizable through XAML.

You can choose one of the following themes for the sample home screen:

  • Theme for large display screens
  • Theme for mid-size display screens
  • Theme for small display screens

By default, the sample home screen includes four Windows Embedded Compact applications: media player, video player, photo viewer, and web browser. The default sample home screen also includes six Control Panel items: date/time settings, networking settings, Bluetooth wireless technology settings, regional settings, audio settings, and display settings. In addition, the default sample home screen includes the following icons in the notification area: clock, Wi-Fi status, Bluetooth status, power (battery) status, and volume.

The following figure shows one example of the sample home screen:

Sample Home Screen for Windows Embedded Compact 7

You can include the sample home screen in an OS design without modifying the sample, or you can change its visual appearance by modifying the Microsoft Silverlight 3 XAML source code. You can also add custom application shortcuts and notification area icons. For more information, see XAML for Windows Embedded.

You can create different XAML-based themes by generating resource DLL modules that include the theme's XAML and image files. Change the theme by loading a different resource module.

To add this feature to your OS, see Sample Home Screen Catalog Items and Sysgen Variables.

Source code for this feature is available at %_WINCEROOT\PUBLIC\SHELL\OAK\XRSHELL.

To customize a version of the home screen, see Create an Application Launcher by Using the Sample Home Screen in Silverlight for Windows Embedded.

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