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IXREasingDoubleKeyFrame (Compact 2013)


This class defines a property that you can use to associate an easing function with an IXRDoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames key-frame animation.

class IXREasingDoubleKeyFrame : public IXRDoubleKeyFrame







Gets the easing function that is applied to the key frame.


Sets the easing function that is applied to the key frame.

Members of this class are thread-safe if you previously called IXRApplication::CreateHostFromXaml and supplied it with an XRWindowCreateParams structure that has AllowsMultipleThreadAccess set to true.

  1. Use the IXRApplication::CreateObject(IID,Object) method to create an empty IXREasingDoubleKeyFrame object. Set the animation target values and the time values on the IXREasingDoubleKeyFrame object using the methods that are inherited from the IXRDoubleKeyFrame class.

  2. Use the IXRApplication::CreateObject(IID,Object) method to create an empty easing function object such as an instance of the IXRPowerEase class. Set the easing mode using the EasingMode function of your easing function object.

  3. Use IUnknown::QueryInterface on your easing function object to get a pointer to the IXREasingFunctionBase interface to pass to the IXREasingDoubleKeyFrame::SetEasingFunction method.

  4. Use the IXRDoubleAnimationUsingKeyFrames::GetKeyFrames method to obtain the collection of IXRDoubleKeyFrame objects in your animation.

  5. Use IUnknown::QueryInterface on your IXREasingDoubleKeyFrame object to get a pointer to the IXRDoubleKeyFrame interface. Pass the IXRDoubleKeyFrame pointer to the IXRDoubleKeyFrameCollection::Add or IXRDoubleKeyFrameCollection::Insert methods to add your new IXREasingDoubleKeyFrame object to the collection.

If you want to use a color key-frame animation or a point key-frame animation, associate the easing function with your animation using the IXREasingColorKeyFrame::SetEasingFunction or IXREasingPointKeyFrame::SetEasingFunction methods.

When you create a class instance, use an IXREasingDoubleKeyFramePtr smart pointer instead of a raw interface pointer. For more information, see XRPtr<Interface>.

You can associate an easing function with an animation in Microsoft Silverlight 3 XAML. For information about the differences between XAML in XAML for Windows Embedded and Silverlight 3, see Differences Between Microsoft Silverlight 3 and XAML for Windows Embedded. For more information about how to associate easing functions in the source XAML for your application, see the EasingDoubleKeyFrame Class on MSDN.





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