DOT11_RESET_REQUEST (Compact 2013)


This structure is used when the miniport driver must reset the specified IEEE layers of the 802.11 station

typedef struct _DOT11_RESET_REQUEST
  DOT11_RESET_TYPE  dot11ResetType;
  DOT11_MAC_ADDRESS  dot11MacAddress;
  BOOLEAN  bSetDefaultMIB;


The IEEE layer to be reset on the 802.11 station. The data type for this member is the DOT11_RESET_TYPE enumeration:


Only the PHY layer is reset


Only the MAC layer is reset


Both the PHY and MAC layers are reset

A miniport driver operating in Extensible Station (ExtSTA) mode must support the reset type of dot11_reset_type_phy_and_mac only. In this case, the driver must reset the MAC and all PHY layers that are supported on the 802.11 station.

The unicast media access control (MAC) address that is used by the 802.11 station following the reset. This member can be used to configure a locally administered MAC address on the 802.11 station.

The miniport driver must not ignore this member if dot11ResetType is set to dot11_reset_type_mac or dot11_reset_type_phy_and_mac.


If this member is TRUE, the 802.11 station resets the specified IEEE layers and sets the 802.11 management information base (MIB) objects of the IEEE layer to their default values. The default values are implementation dependent, except for the MIB objects, which have explicitly defined default values. For more information about the default values for these MIB objects, see Native 802.11 MIB OIDs.

If the miniport driver is operating in Extensible Station (ExtSTA) mode, the driver must set all ExtSTA MIB objects to their default values if this member is TRUE. For more information about the ExtSTA MIB objects, see Extensible Station MIB Objects.

If this member is FALSE, the 802.11 station resets the specified IEEE layers but keeps the current values of the 802.11 MIB objects.