Native Wi-Fi Reference (Compact 2013)


This section contains the reference material about how to use the client programming interface for Native Wi-Fi.

Native Wi-Fi Enumerations

Describes the enumerations used by Native Wi-Fi methods to set and report on events and states

Native Wi-Fi Functions

Describes the functions that enable software developers to use Native Wi-Fi functionality

Native Wi-Fi Structures

Describes the structures used by the Native Wi-Fi interface

Profile XML Schema

Describes XML schemas that are used to create wired and wireless network profiles

WLAN tool functionality is available only if connection manger takes control of WLANAPI.
It is not possible to setup a simple WiFi connection. The following code will fail with access denied: s wlantool -c -i PCI\RTLNWIFI1 -ssid IPV6Lab -auth open -encr none

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